We created an interactive display for our sister company convivial project during Milan Design Week for the exhibition What’s the matter? Design for a phygital world, organised by the magazine Frame
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Our statement

The speed of human evolution is in arrears with the pace at which our digital world progresses, thus as humans we still need tangible experiences that stimulate our senses and objects tailored to our innate need to grasp concepts through physical interaction.
As we learn to apprehend deeper levels of abstraction and immateriality in a new digital paradigm our inner nature still requires an anchor point in the real world. As designers we need to provide a smooth transition bridging the digital and physical in ways that will challenge our perception while keeping us grounded and connected to world we are familiar with.
We are currently at a stage where the physical experience is progressively interchanged with ever greater fractions of virtual content. Our simulations and fictions are increasingly realistic and our saturated media landscape is blurring the lines between the fake and the real. In instances it becomes unclear what is imagined and what is reality.
The way digital technology and artificial intelligence are developed is fashioned and inspired by us, however we believe a paradigm shift will occur once technology and AI shows higher cognitive skills and is able to augment itself. In this case technology will no longer need to simulate natural phenomena or help us but rather it will enter new, unknown levels of abstraction and computations.

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photo from Alberto Ferrero, see more https://www.facebook.com/framemag/photos/?tab=album&album_id=10153574327550665