Current Openings

Summer Interships (Remote)

This summer, we are offering remote internships for students(preferably). The roles are focusing on specific topics and technologies. The programme will be 4 days a week, and we will offer mentoring on personal projects.

The applicants are required to have a strong interest in the chosen topic and ability to learn new technologies. Experience using the technology is preferred but optional. As it is a remote position, strong motivation, self-discipline and the ability to work independently are key requirements. The roles will also involve communicating your selected topic on social media or with potential clients.

If you are interested please send us an email with your portfolio and subject of interest:

Application deadline is 1st of July.


Volumetric Filming and 3D scanning for VR experiences

You will use and improve workflows to create VR experiences using 3D assets from volumetric filming, 3D scanning and 3D modelling.

Software: Capturing Reality, Unity, Depthkit, Creative Suite, Blender

AR face filters

You will take advantage of modern developments in AR to prototype AR experience across platforms.

Software: Instagram Spark, GLSL shaders, ARkit, ARcore

Future Fashion Experiences

Fashion shows have been cancelled globally this year, with uncertainty remaining when brands can go back to showing their collections. Is this an opportunity to rethink the traditional fashion show system? You will research new ways to experience brands, crossing the digital and the physical realm. 

Skills required:

  • Trend research, concept development
  • Software: Adobe Creative Suite, google docs
  • Potentially Prototyping in VR/AR/MR and Machine Learning

Future Museum Experiences

In a post-COVID context, cultural institutions are interested in innovative concepts to present work. You will research new ways to experience exhibitions and permanent museum collections.

Skills required:

  • Trend research, concept development, storyboarding
  • Software: Adobe Creative Suite, google docs
  • Potentially webGL, VR/AR/MR and Machine Learning

Junior producer/project manager


You will be managing day to day running of media installations projects.

You will be in charge of communications, coordination, and scheduling with internal team and client. You will be maintaining budgets and project documentation. You will be resourceful to resolve blockers and keep the project on track.

This is a flexible part time freelance position.


  • want to be part of convivial studio and share our passion and enthusiasm for art and technology.

  • can be based in Cologne.

  • have previous experience overseeing and guiding development and creative teams

  • have responsibility for budget and financial well-being of project

  • have great communication skills, write flawless English and an enthusiastic approach to networking with clients

Other skills considered as a plus

  • German-speaking

  • Creative background

Please send your CV, link to an online portfolio to