• Skateboarding Visualizations

    Skateboarding Visualizations

    The hidden science and art underlying skateboard tricks is a source of fascination. We created motion tracking device to get data about the skateboard position during the execution of tricks. The data and trails of the tricks are then used to create sculptures and immortalize the motion of the skateboard and the style of the

  • The Art of Attention

    The Art of Attention

      Generative visuals from live biofeedback – developed for the art of attention event for seendisplays

  • The Probable Universe

    The Probable Universe

    There is no concrete reality, only the potential for an infinite number of outcomes, but nothing is ever decided until someone observes it. The Probable Universe is an interactive audio-visual installation generating an infinite combination of projected worlds in a physical environment using an industrial robotic arm. In order to present the concept we have

  • collider


    The Collider is an interactive, personalised printer commissioned by FranklinTill Studio for Heimtextil Messe Frankfurt. The Collider is an interactive, personalised printer with a custom made airbrush, enabling you to create your own unique bag. Select your preferences from the iPad touch screen and using computer generated algorithms the Collider will generate a completely bespoke