• Digital Impressionism

    Digital Impressionism

    “Everything comes to us from nature; we exist through it; nothing else is worth remembering.” – Cezanne Digital Impressionism is an attempt at capturing the essence of a selection of places found in Fontaine-de-Vaucluse, Provence. Inspired by Cezanne’s artistic deliberations, whose “task before him was, first, to forget all he had ever learned from science and, second,

  • Reefs – Aquarium of the Pacific

    Reefs – Aquarium of the Pacific

    convivial has created a multimedia installation in the new 400m² art gallery at The Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, next to Los Angeles. A main theme of our exhibition is coral reefs. We collaborated with Dr. John HR Burns from Marine Science and Data Science at the University of Hawaiʻi and other coral

  • Drifters – Aquarium of the Pacific

    Drifters – Aquarium of the Pacific

    convivial has created a multimedia installation in the new 400m² art gallery at The Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, next to Los Angeles. A main theme of our exhibition is plankton. We collaborated with biologist Christian Sardet to learn about the topic. In one drop of water, we can find 160 planctonic species

  • Frequencies


      FREQUENCIES is a shape and color study. CNC machined reliefs were generated from a custom application using different frequencies of Perlin Noise algorithm. Modulating variables the 3D reliefs are imitating fluid and rocky patterns. The generative application allows an infinite number of outcomes. In order to leave room to the viewer’s imagination, we created

  • Kinedioscope


    Augmented photography with projection mapping A kinedioscope (animated“kínēma” dimensional“diastáseis” view“scope”), is a technique we invented to create animated depth effects on static photographs. The process to create the effect is reverse-engineering the technology of photogrammetry.In photogrammetry multiple photographs are used to compute a 3D model. In order to create this model, an algorithm defines each

  • Generative Scarves

    Generative Scarves

    bespoke generative fashion – The generative scarves is the first work by convivial, it was started in 2014. It is an ongoing project called convivial project. convivial project provides a platform to get involved in designing a personal, thoughtful and unique item. Each product is carefully crafted in the UK. convivial project’s debut collection Generative Scarves examines algorithms and mathematical formulas that can be used via a digital interface to design unique and surprising patterns with an infinite choice of stunning colours, shapes and textures.

  • ZOA – Modern Meadow

    ZOA – Modern Meadow

    ‘Liquid leather’ is an interactive display made for Zoa by Modern Meadow launched in October in New York. Zoa is bio fabricated leather.

  • Nevergreen


    StatementCreditsVisitDocumentationProcessIllustrationSculptureInteraction and projection Statement During the day it is a beautiful wallpaper, progressively at dusk the projection comes alive to “augment” the illustration with colors, lights and shadows. When the space is getting busier and the music louder, the visuals and colors become seamlessly more intense and vivid to fit the mood. The printed illustrations,

  • The Probable Universe

    The Probable Universe

    There is no concrete reality, only the potential for an infinite number of outcomes, but nothing is ever decided until someone observes it. The Probable Universe is an interactive audio-visual installation generating an infinite combination of projected worlds in a physical environment using an industrial robotic arm. In order to present the concept we have

  • Object Interaction with Touchscreens

    Object Interaction with Touchscreens

    Touchscreens are omnipresent, a multitude of devices and screen formats exist with thousands of apps, however, we only found a few options that enable object interaction. We were interested in finding ways to get our flat screens to interact with physical 3d objects and surfaces. We can imagine a lot of creative opportunities to bridge