Digital Impressionism

“Everything comes to us from nature; we exist through it; nothing else is worth remembering.” – Cezanne

Digital Impressionism is an attempt at capturing the essence of a selection of places found in Fontaine-de-Vaucluse, Provence. Inspired by Cezanne’s artistic deliberations, whose “task before him was, first, to forget all he had ever learned from science and, second, through these sciences to recapture the structure of the landscape as an emerging organism. All the partial views one catches sight of must be welded together; all that the eye’s versatility disperses must be reunited.”

This artwork seeks to distil the very nature of a place by extracting colours and geometries, dissolving any defined outline. Particles emerge from their respective colour, undulating, and testing the boundaries of their perceived location, capturing the fulness and vibrancy of a moment in nature. It is an effort to exhaust the chosen place, view it from all its angles, in all its intricacies and with all senses. The projected content gives imagined context to the narrowly depicted scene. Providing extended visual cues to the observer an AI is used to create a meta dimension based on 3D documentation of the place. The AI dematerialises data sets into their elemental parts and spontaneously reorganises and meticulously restores the depicted landscape back to its totality.

– “Then he began to paint all parts of the painting at the same time, using patches of color to surround his original charcoal sketch of the geological skeleton”

The underlying meta construction is revealed by the physical presence and motion of the audience. The work evolves with each interpretation of the individual viewer.

Digital Impressionism

Mixed Media Installation with screen and projection, films and C++ application.

Houdini, Redshift, openFrameworks, Tensorflow 2, Pix2Pix, Reality Capture

Credits: Paul Ferragut, Ann-Kristin Abel, Manon Boucher