Interactive visualisation for Georgia’s Euphoric album
Using Deep Neural Networks for analyzing facial and voice emotions we are generating real-time visuals inspired by Aura photography. The Aura visuals are representative of Georgia’s emotions during the performance.

Created to promote Georgia’s eagerly anticipated album release, Euphoric, available now on Domino, these four films, “So What”, “Give it Up for Love”, “All Night” and “It’s Euphoric” are an exploration into facial and sonic recognition to generate real-time visuals which represent human emotions through colour.  

Georgia is a Londoner, producer, club-informed forward thinker. Continuing to push boundaries, these films are another expression of the visual language created for her album campaign, which is inspired by Aura photography.  

Aura photography is a technique that gained popularity in the 70s with the AuraCam. It involved using an analogue camera and hand sensors to capture electro-dermal and temperature readings, resulting in a polaroid image with coloured fields surrounding the person. People interpret these colours and their positioning in relation to Chakras to derive meaning. 

Using the latest technology, these films capture Georgia’s emotions and voice as she performs live and translates them into beautiful ever-changing vibrant visuals which are then emitted across LED screens.  

To generate live Aura visuals, the team combined colours, emotions, and chakras in a dataset and developed an application using C++, openFrameworks, openCV coding libraries, and GLSL shaders. The openCV library, which is an open-source computer vision library, utilizes the Deep Neural Network module to track and analyse Georgia’s facial expressions during her performance. The AI then translates and quantifies this data into emotions, which serve as input for the generative visuals. Furthermore, our application listens to and interprets the live audio feed to intensify the visuals and enhance the overall experience. 

Created and filmed at Outernet’s Now Trending space in central London, the films are currently on display there. Outernet is the immersive entertainment district containing an immense digital canvas – the most advanced of its kind in the world and is on track to be the number 1 visitor attraction in the UK. 

Georgia’s album campaign was creatively directed by Phil Lee at Untold Studios. The interactive visuals were created by Convivial Studio and the film was directed by Edie Amos and produced by Untold Studios.  

Untold Studios Creative Director Phil Lee explains, “These films are experimental and totally unique and really help to elevate the vision that Georgia and I had around using Aura imagery to bring her album to life. From the album artwork to billboards, lyric videos and these films, the whole campaign feels immersive, visceral and complimentary to the music, which is exactly what we set out to achieve. A big thanks to the team at The Outernet who enabled us to utilise their cutting-edge space. Seeing it all come to life has been incredibly exciting.”