• Aura


    Interactive visualisation for Georgia’s Euphoric album https://www.dominomusic.com/artists/georgia. Using Deep Neural Networks for analyzing facial and voice emotions we are generating real-time visuals inspired by Aura photography. The Aura visuals are representative of Georgia’s emotions during the performance. Created to promote Georgia’s eagerly anticipated album release, Euphoric, available now on Domino, these four films, “So What”, “Give it

  • Generative Scarves

    Generative Scarves

    bespoke generative fashion – The generative scarves is the first work by convivial, it was started in 2014. It is an ongoing project called convivial project. convivial project provides a platform to get involved in designing a personal, thoughtful and unique item. Each product is carefully crafted in the UK. convivial project’s debut collection Generative…

  • The Art of Attention

    The Art of Attention

      Generative visuals from live biofeedback – developed for the art of attention event for seendisplays

  • ZOA – Modern Meadow

    ZOA – Modern Meadow

    ‘Liquid leather’ is an interactive display made for Zoa by Modern Meadow launched in October in New York. Zoa is bio fabricated leather.

  • Nevergreen


    StatementCreditsVisitDocumentationProcessIllustrationSculptureInteraction and projection Statement During the day it is a beautiful wallpaper, progressively at dusk the projection comes alive to “augment” the illustration with colors, lights and shadows. When the space is getting busier and the music louder, the visuals and colors become seamlessly more intense and vivid to fit the mood. The printed illustrations,