Reefs – Aquarium of the Pacific

convivial has created a multimedia installation in the new 400m² art gallery at The Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, next to Los Angeles.

A main theme of our exhibition is coral reefs.

We collaborated with Dr. John HR Burns from Marine Science and Data Science at the University of Hawaiʻi and other coral scientists and divers to learn about corals. Coral reefs contains the most diverse ecosystems on the planet and a crucial earth ecosystems.

Haptic Coral Wall

Dr. John HR Burns from Marine Science and Data Science at the University of Hawaiʻi is using the technique of photogrammetry to study and survey corals, the technique involves taking series of pictures then proceeding to an accurate 3D reconstruction of the scene using software. We used the 3D models to create an art installation. We carved 5 large fragments of a coral reef using CNC technology. In addition to the carved surfaces we created more depth and a different haptic experience with silicone inserts representing soft coral. Through material research we developed bespoke technique to create the soft coral inserts using clay molds and 3D printing. The physical carved and 3D printed elements are white, the texture is added with projection-mapping, thus allowing flexibility to create rich lighting and caustics effects.

Immersive projection and sound

In collaboration with divers and filmers Howard Hall we gathered 8k high-resolution footage of coral reefs accross the Pacific. Using the footage we created panoramic films.

Photographers and divers Mike Bartick, Bill and Nannette Van Antwerp also contributed with films and photography.

In addition to the immersive visual, a soundscape has been created by sound artist Roman Jungblut. 12 projectors and 12 speakers are used in the gallery to create the immersive experience.

The exhibition is open for 3 years

The Road to the Sea Foundation supports reef conservation and community empowerment to conserve local resources

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convivial studio production team
Ann-Kristin Abel, Paul Ferragut, Alice Sleeper-Atkins, Jamie Robinson, Eva Van Boxtel, Roman Jungblut
Exhibition collaborators
Christian and Noe Sardet, Parafilms, Howard Hall Productions, John HR Burns, Peter Kuchinke, Susan Liebold, Mike Bartik, Nanette Van Antwerp