FREQUENCIES is a shape and color study. CNC machined reliefs were generated from a custom application using different frequencies of Perlin Noise algorithm. Modulating variables the 3D reliefs are imitating fluid and rocky patterns. The generative application allows an infinite number of outcomes. In order to leave room to the viewer’s imagination, we created a gradation in the way the patterns evolve throughout the triptych. The projection layer on top is blending the triptych elements and aims to challenge the perception of the relief. The interactive projection is playing on the duality of the flat surface and the carved relief area.

This project was made during a residency at Autodesk Pier 9.
The generative 3D and projection software was made using openFramewors with addons (ofxMtlMapping2D, ofxFlowTools, ofxAutoReloadedShader …)
artCam was used to generate GCode for the CNC machine, the reliefs were machined in condensed polyurethane foam board. A metal frame was cut with a water-jet and soldered.