Experiential design is how we describe convivial in a few words. The term is broad and relatively young and it needs an introduction. Experiential design is about creating experiences. For convivial, it is about transcending media to create strong emotional connections by engaging the human mind and body in poetic and unexpected ways. Good experiential design must intrigue, inspire and amaze. It is effective as people will live a unique moment and preserve those memories and feelings.

“At the end of the day people won’t remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.”

― Maya Angelou


We define four main contexts of experiential design, sometimes there are crossovers and this list is non-exhaustive.

Art galleries and museums. There is a wide spectrum of experiences from artistic to educational.

Temporary experiences related to specific events such as concerts, trade shows, pop-ups, marketing events or even protests.

Interventions in landmarks, public spaces and commercial places. Most of the time the experience is related to its environment and context.

Experiences which can be lived remotely, through the web or a mobile app. 

Techniques and media

For us, experiential design is all about mixing media. No project fits into one category. Nonetheless there are effective techniques and components which we regularly use, combine and re-invent.

Sensory installations with sound and vision, sometimes touch and smell. Multimedia installations are often using bespoke display solutions such as multiple screens or projection-mapping. They are rich in content and sometimes interactive.

With interactivity the audience physically connects with the artwork. Unlike traditional static media, our work is using computer coding to involve and immerse the audience.

Projection is a tool facilitating immersion. Using mapping technology environments are coming alive. All types of surfaces or objects can become unconventional screens to better fit the projected content.

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality are excellent technologies to bridge virtual and physical worlds, as well as enabling immersion and innovative forms of narration.

Our speciality is to create computer programs able to generate design in real time, thus allowing an infinite amount of outcomes tailored to the audience and context.

Sculptures, Surfaces, Architecture and other forms of physical props are important in our experiential design. Tangible objects enable the audience to relate to and better understand the work. The physical, interwoven with digital technology, appears as magic.

Why convivial?

Concept to production

Our process starts with a deep dive into the topic that is to be explored. We get in touch with scientists, botanists, marine biologists, fellow artists in other disciplines, anyone that may help us to paint a comprehensive picture of what is needed to create an inspiring concept and vision for the project. In parallel we are continuously experimenting with technology. We develop our concepts by combining ideas, disciplines, technologies and context. Our agile team adapts to a variety of briefs thanks to diverse partners and collaborators. Alongside more traditional art direction and media creation, we create with code and electronics. Also we have our own workshop facilities, as well as partners internationally for physical production.

Technology and crafts

We are staying up to date with the vast spectrum of new technology and innovation, might it be machine learning, innovations in physical prototyping, bioengineering or blockchain. We are continuously looking at ways to integrate technology in meaningful ways, sometimes it makes most sense for a project to look at more traditional crafts.


convivial is ‘convivial’ for collaborations, we believe we can create richer and more substantial experiences by involving other specialists in our process.

Have a look at our portfolio for experiential design projects.

COVID Update

In light of the ongoing need for distancing and hygiene measures we offer integration of a bespoke health and safety concept for your project.