Rapha Interactive Window Display

Collaboration with Rapha to create an interactive window display for Rapha Cycle Club London and Tokyo.

Rapha Cycle Club in Tokyo
Rapha Pro Team collection

Convivial created a generative visualisation inspired by Rapha’s Pro Team Collection to translate the concept of speed and energy. Utilising different tracking devices the movement of cyclists and pedestrians passing by the window is analysed and filtered with a set of algorithms. Following the instant feedback from these devices, the visuals develop and intensify according to the speed and dynamic of a tracked motion. The more energy used, the more expressive the pattern that develops on the window.

The chevron shapes and greyscale colour palette of the Pro Team collection was used as a basis for the generative patterns the studio developed. Employing a series of algorithms simulating natural behavior Convivial created a generative particle system influenced by physical forces. Using the momentum of a cyclist roaming the street, hundreds of animated chevron particles increase in velocity and exhibit swarming behaviour, attracted by the cyclist’s shape. A range of different particles and dark dust float, being pushed by simulated wind to demonstrate the force of elements acting against a racer. The trajectory of particles is deflected as they hit tracked objects in motion.

The visuals are ever evolving and build up in intensity and density as users interact more rapidly in front of the window. The software is a bespoke openGL c++ application using openFrameworks libraries and addons. For the tracking the studio uses a kinect and a camera. The visuals are projection mapped onto a rear projection film.



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