• Aura


    Interactive visualisation for Georgia’s Euphoric album https://www.dominomusic.com/artists/georgia. Using Deep Neural Networks for analyzing facial and voice emotions we are generating real-time visuals inspired by Aura photography. The Aura visuals are representative of Georgia’s emotions during the performance. Created to promote Georgia’s eagerly anticipated album release, Euphoric, available now on Domino, these four films, “So What”, “Give it

  • Digital Impressionism

    Digital Impressionism

    “Everything comes to us from nature; we exist through it; nothing else is worth remembering.” – Cezanne Digital Impressionism is an attempt at capturing the essence of a selection of places found in Fontaine-de-Vaucluse, Provence. Inspired by Cezanne’s artistic deliberations, whose “task before him was, first, to forget all he had ever learned from science and, second,

  • Virtual Greenhouse

    Virtual Greenhouse

    3D animations for IKEA. Visual editorial content about the topic of nature and well-being. The animations and stills were used for various communications support.

  • Jelly Legs Trousers

    Jelly Legs Trousers

    Generative pattern for @loutre.co & @atlantic_drift, Jelly Legs Trousers For @loutre.co we created a c++ #openFrameworks app using jellyfish 🦪clips with a particle system and other shaders 🔮Generative design for dense patterns is perfect and allowed us to iterate and experiment until we liked the design.

  • L’Oréal Berlinale Party

    L’Oréal Berlinale Party

    During the Berlinale, for L’Oréal launch party, we created interactive projections and a VJ set.

  • VR Factory Tour

    VR Factory Tour

    VR Factory Tour Factory tour made for Dipl. Ing. Siegfried Müller 🔨🔧🔩www.zink-druckdruss.de We wished to offer a real perception of depth, scale and presence that the VR medium can offer, therefore instead of using a 360 camera we experimented with ways to digitize environments; we 3D reconstructed rooms using photogrammetry with hundreds of pictures, we

  • Rapha Interactive Window Display

    Rapha Interactive Window Display

    Collaboration with Rapha to create an interactive window display for Rapha Cycle Club London and Tokyo. Rapha Cycle Club in TokyoRapha Pro Team collection Convivial created a generative visualisation inspired by Rapha’s Pro Team Collection to translate the concept of speed and energy. Utilising different tracking devices the movement of cyclists and pedestrians passing by